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Positive Singles is a free, social and herpes dating site that focuses on people with the Sexually Transmitted disease (STD), Herpes, HSV & HIV/AID’S. It was founded in 2001 as a free STD dating site. But about a year later on gold membership was added for accessing certain premium features it provides live dating counselor for STD Q&A where any member can anonymously ask about STD’s and the counselor will reply to each one of them. All the information is confidential. It also provides legal information to members for legal encounters. The online herpes dating site is the best way for people with STD to communicate with each other. Being the most popular online dating site for STD people it provides a way to connect millions of people together who are living a life in fear of rejection and loneliness. This private Herpes & STD community helps people interact with each other and get into a lovely and romantic relationship and share their valuable advice to help resolve the problem.

Active Members:

Positive Singles has about 15,000 daily active members and 120,000 conversations per day. The online herpes dating site provides a touchy, feature packed experience as compared to other dating sites. One of the features includes 15-question profile section listing your answers and the answers you would like your match to have, personalized one to one dating coaches, profile verification and privacy.

How is Positive Singles different?

To address the privacy concerns, Positive Singles, unlike other dating sites, provides a “Quick Exit” Button wherein the user is quickly redirected to other sites to ensure his/her privacy. The users can also hide their profile photos; add a private album that is only visible to certain members as per the user’s choice. Create Free Profile Now

Unique features are as follows:

Positive Singles Blogs wherein people can share their thoughts and express themselves. They can seek or give advice on certain topics and share their inspirational stories like STD treatment to help out others during the process.

  • It provides a real-time chat room where the customers get instant help and advice from the STD community.
  • Quick Exit button to ensure privacy concerns
  • Profile Verification option
  • Let’s meet/Spark quick match game
  • Extensive setting and privacy options
  • The convenient inbox search feature
  • Visibility customization and private album support.
  • STD Q&A with the live counselor for seeking any advice
  • 15 basic questions for setting your profile and finding your match
  • Thousands of successful matches between persons with STD have been created on Positive Singles every year

How it works

PositiveSingles is not different from other online singles dating sites. Its main focus is on those infected with STDs and gives them extra support features. Other than that, you just set up your profile and press such to see other members. The setting up of your profile can be done via mobile using the iOS Positive singles app or at the comfort of your phone using your desktop.

Benefits of using Positive Singles

The best benefit is that people can talk to each other by overcoming their fear and disclosing their STD problems. It relieves them of their stress and anxiety. Helps in getting women rid of the stigma that states that women are irresponsible, dirty and promiscuous. Every 1 It helps them build self-confidence that they can date with their STD problems. It helps people with STD to get in love and relationship and do romance with each other. Positive Singles being an STD community supports all kinds of users with their specific problems, unlike herpes dating site which is only limited to people with herpes. So it gives people a greater scope to not only be limited to finding herpes partners and being in the fear of rejection.-Positive Singles asks for your STD problems when you sign up so that you can find a compatible partner. For example, if two persons have HSV-1 or Herpes 1, then there would be no chance that it gets transmitted from one person to another and so on. Once a person is dating someone with herpes he/she gets to overcome the fear of transmitting herpes from one person to another and this can be a huge benefit of using this online dating site. One of the greatest benefits of Positive Singles is that you need not worry about rejection because of your status. So if you are dating a person you should be honest in disclosing your physical status with them before it is too late and the relationship is over.

Sign Up Process

Signing up at Positivesingles.info is similar to other dating sites. You just have to key in a lot of normal information like your name, password, height, age, your location and then your email address. However, it has a mandatory option of choosing the type of STD you are suffering from. The site has a wide range of STDs diseases listed but if you don’t find your type, it has the option “others” which you can still select. Also, if you’re infected with more than one STD, you can still choose even two and above by the control button (ctrl) and selecting all your STDs listed.

The 2nd step has a little deeper personal questions like; if you want to get children or not (if you already have any), your ethnicity, body type, religion, hair color or income. Apart from those questions, you also have to choose what you would like most in an ideal perfect match. The poitivesingle.com has a unique section where you have to select the STDs your perfect match should have. 

Finally, you have to fill in a profile headline, entitled “about me” section. Here you’ll have to explain a bit more about yourself and upload your profile picture, though that’s optional. But if you intend to get serious on the site you’ll have to upload it eventually. You will find that almost everyone on Positive Singles is looking for other STD singles has uploaded a picture.

Benefits of Positive Singles

  • Its members can respond to an instant message or email. 
  • One’s profile is kept anonymous until you find a potential match and decide to take things further.
  • Submitted profiles are approved by real people but not just an automated process.
  • All information submitted by members is verified by an authentic, including even age, photos, income, occupation and also the educational level.
  • PositiveSingles.info has more than 100,000 STD blog posts, comments and forum posts. 

What STD Singles Do Positive Singles Take Care of?

Positive Singles cares for not only people infected by herpes but also those living with gonorrhea, thrush, chlamydia, HIV, and syphilis. Also, you can contact them to add your STD on the list. Therefore, we have to know, PositiveSingle.com is for anyone suffering from any type of STD. 

The feature of Positive Singles 


It was designed with their users in mind. Here, it’s very easy to get what you’re searching for at the top menu or the left sidebar menu. There’s no other weird links or ads to prevent user’s experience. Members don’t have to search hard for any link. 

Unique Niche

PositiveSingles.info offers a unique and safe space for those with trouble with other sites because of stigma in their conditions and also a privacy issue.

Privacy Setting

You’re afraid of uploading your photo on this site? Don’t be worried anymore, since Positive Singles have very strict privacy settings. Here, you have the choice of either deciding whether you want your photo to be viewed by all members or just by only your selected favorite members. Also, it allows you to have more than one album for photos. By that, you can have your private album which can only be viewed by the selected few. 

The Search

Searching process always has normal the person you’re looking for including the gender, religion and also the age. As a gold member of PositiveSingles.info, there’s a special option where you have to include the kind of STD your perfect match is suffering from. These options include; gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, HPV and also herpes 1 and 2. As usual, theirs is “others” options in case your STD type is missing. Gold members have search filters of fantasizing things like; reverse matches, new members, and compatible matches and also recommended matches. The search filter allows you search to the available astrological signs and this makes it easy for you to get someone perfect according to your requirements. 


If you want to move from free membership to paid membership, that always offers interesting extra benefits, you just have to select one of the three memberships. Also, you can just decide to turn off your auto-renewal subscription on your status page.

Below price in USD, so you’ll just have to convert them to your local currency. 

  •  1-month membership, $29.95 that works at $1.00 per day.
  • 3-month membership, $59.95 that works at $19.95 per month.
  • 6-month membership, $95.95 that works at $15.95 per month.

Final verdict

If you’re suffering from any STD are you’re looking forward to meeting other positive singles, then PositiveSingles.ifno is the place to be. Not only will you get love, support, and friendship, but also you’ll be in a community of people who you share something in common and you can freely talk about your situation and support each other.

Positive.com features are very amazing and conducive in enabling you to get a perfect match for yourself. In their forums, chat rooms and blogs, you’ll probably meet people that interest you. In conclusion, this site offers an easier way of meeting like-minded people that are looking for relationships! You cannot deny that fact when you’re on PositiveSingles.info

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